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Monday, November 21, 2011

My (Short) Journey to the Altar - Part 2: Frank Pops the Question

So, where did I leave off? I was having a bad day, week, month; so I stepped out to Jazzie's my favorite club. I met a jerk who after a few drinks and an apology for being a jerk, actually turned out not to be so bad. And here we go with the rest of the quick timeline recap:

I ended up giving the guy, Frank, my phone number because over the course of the night, he actually turned out to be a gentleman. I gave him a quick interview and determined that he didn't exhibit any stalker tendencies, so that was cool, too.

We met on Saturday (the 1st)- late; and by the end of the night. . or the beginning of the morning (since we met about midnight), Frank professed that he loved me. "Agape love" was how he described it. . and wanted me to be his wife. HA! HA! HA!

Now, I've had guys at the club throw some pretty strong game at me, but seriously. You want to marry me? Well, OK.

We spoke on Sunday, but I limited the discussions because that whole I love you and want to marry you within a couple of hours of meeting you was a bit much.

11/03/11 By Monday, Frank had gotten the message, and backed off on the serious stuff. He went another direction. Since I told him I was going to be rushing home from work to bring my son to baseball practice, he called me on the way home, and told me that he had picked up pizzas for my kids and wanted me to grab them before I headed home.

I swung by Frank's place and picked up the pizza, and he had another surprise: he had purchased an engagement ring, went down on one knee, and proposed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

You want to push me into freak out mode? Propose one day after I meet you.

But that's Frank. That's how he rolls.. He did that. I was shocked, but I've recovered. . And, now we're engaged. . 7 weeks now. .

Wedding ceremony is scheduled for my birthday next year: October 27, 2012.

But Frank is filled with surprises.. Surprise! We are planning to elope on Valentine's Day: February 14, 2012. More to come on that one. . More to come on this whole journey as it un-folds.

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  1. Frank wasn't taking any chances on another man coming along and marrying the woman of his dreams, I see.