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Monday, November 21, 2011

My (Short) Journey to the Altar - Part 1: Meeting Frank

At a point in my life when I wasn't even looking, I met the man that I'm now engaged to. ENGAGED to a man I met about 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks!!! I feel really confident that at some point I'm going to take a breather, and for whatever reason, reflect back on this experience to see exactly how it evolved. So, I'm forcing myself to take a long enough break from working through this situation to actually document my course. Here's a quick timeline recap:


Having a bad day, week, month, I decided to get all sexy and step out to Jazzie's. I needed a drink. I needed a self-esteem booster. I just needed to interact with adults.

As soon as I pulled into a parking spot, the guy with the BMW parked next to me shouted, "Do NOT scratch my car!" I was having a bad day, but decided that it was probably better to bite my tongue until I got a drink, so I let the guy make it. I got out of my car, and went around to the other side to retrieve my trench coat and purse, and again, the guy shouted out, "Do NOT scratch my car!". . Now, I'm agitated.. I mean, I just let him make it.. But, again, I held my tongue, got my stuff out of the car, and walked up to the door of the club. . with this guy right behind me. .

When I had approached the door, I stood there for a second waiting for this guy to do what I was accustomed to doing - hold the door, so I could walk in - and after about 15 awkward seconds, I realized that he wouldn't. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, is he insane? Ok. Well whatever.

As soon as I got into the club, I told James Hill, the guy who worked the door about the jerk who was tripping over his car AND did not hold the door. I was SO pisst.

Well, anyway, the jerk went his way and I went mine. . My way was near the door, in the corner. I vented to James about how crappy my day, week, month was and he started sending me drinks. . strawberry daiquiris. . lots and lots of strawberry daiquiris.. that I sipped on all night. Before I could even drink a whole one, another one would come, so I really could not tell you how many I drank. Pretty quickly, I forgot about how badly my day, week, month had been or how big of a jerk the guy I met in the parking lot was. The night was going much better. . So, at some point I decided to head out to the dance floor.

And then it happened, I was approached by the jerk from the parking lot. Of course, at this point, he didn't look so jerky. He actually looked pretty nice looking. But that was not going to stop this me from getting an apology. I would get an apology. I was on tonight, and he approached me like it didn't matter.

So, jerk asked me to dance.. But before he would, I made him apologize. "So, you're the guy who was tripping in the parking lot, and then did not hold the door?!! Are you kidding me?!!" He apologized, and it was over. Well, sort of..


  1. Something told me to click onto your name and see if you still blogged. Lo and behold you do, and gave written a short story. I will take my time and read tomorrow and offer comment.

    Had no idea you wrote fiction or non-fiction.

  2. Don, I have no true imagination. . only the ability to tell my story. . so, it's all non-fiction with me.

    Thanks for giving my story the most valuable parts of yourself: your time and attention. .

    I'm flattered.