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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow is THE DAY!!!

I'm really excited. Tomorrow is my little big day.

Frank and I, and a couple of people from Pilgrim's Progress are making it official. We're getting married!

I found a dress, shoes, jewelry, and a hair piece. I ordered a bouquet, and have the marriage license saved in the corner of my dresser drawer. I'm ready to go.

This has been an interesting journey. . very interesting. . In 4 months, I've had enough time to get to know Frank and his family, give him time to get to know my family, let go of some of my past hurt, and grow closer to God. I feel good. I feel ready.

I still have this thing with my best friend that I'm still trying to figure out, but that's going to be OK. We love each other, and are going to transition once Frank and I have fully settled into our marriage. No worries there.

This entire experience has proven to me again and again the love God has for me wherein he could just come into my life at a point when I was not thinking about marriage. . and give me someone that's pretty perfect for me. . Mature, supportive, hard-working, funny, un-selfish.

This is going to work. Here we go.

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