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Sunday, July 22, 2012

She Will Run Until She Finds a Better Game to Play

At Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, she was the girl who walked out the door to the playground for recess, hit the first cute boy she saw, said, "You're it!". Then took off running on fast, skinny legs. She would run and run and run and run around the playground during the entire recess with some cute little boy a few steps behind, huffing and puffing to keep up.

- - She would duck under the up side of the seesaw while two riders would use their feet to push each other into the sky.
- - She would slip by the swing sets just as swingers were descending to the ground.
- - She would speed crawl through the tires, running over the kids who were imagining they are creeping through a hidden cave deep underground.
- - She would climb the monkey bars like a true monkey. . at the peak before the poor tired boy in pursuit could even mount the first metal round; and back down to the ground as he tried to make it to the top.

She would run for so long my eyes would get fatigued from watching the chase. I'd get so tired, it would kinda piss me off. So, at some point, I pulled her aside while she was ducking behind our peers to hide and ask, "Why? Why do you do this every day?"

She laughed and searched my face with her eyes to see if I was really serious before she even ventured to think of an answer. Then, she gave me the reply I didn't expect.

"Anasthia, I'm too fast for any of these boys to catch me. Most of the time, I just get a kick out of watching them trip and fall when they think they're about to tag me. Ha! I'm just playing until I find a game I like better." Then she ran away right before that cute little boy could tap her and shout, "You're it!"

Well, decades have passed, and I still watch her play; now as a woman. Don't get me wrong.
The chasers have gotten bigger and faster. A couple of them have even caught her, but when they did, they had no idea what to do with her. So, before they made her IT, she wiggled free and took off again. To her dismay, she's now a champion Tag Player, waiting for someone who really knows how to play and can love her more than the chase, to catch up and end this futile game.

She thinks she's found him, so she sits at the top of the monkey bars.. waiting for him to make the climb. {Hey, she's not about to make this game easy at this point.}

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