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No matter how far along I get in life, I'll always refer to myself as "That chick that grew up poor in the drug-filled streets of Port Arthur, Texas." Always a bad ass!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Bucket List - Places I Want to Go, Things I Want to Do

Best Friend challenged me to come up with a Bucket List of all the places and things I want to experience. . with the Best Friend. Well, I started small, and realized that life is too damn short to limit yourself. Besides, I'm blessed enough to know that if I desire it, there's a pretty fair chance it's going to happen. So, this is just the beginning of my Bucket List. List of Places
  • Queen Wilhelmina State Park (Arkansas)- I developed the website, and fell in love with the photography of all the great views
  • Gulf Shores, AL – Grew up at the beach, and want to return!
  • Dallas, TX – I'm not even going to say what I'm looking forward to here. . but it's NOT just shopping!
  • Jamaica - I'll even let my hair grow so I can get it braided before I go.
  • Las Vegas - I love slots and lights, and am a big time People Watcher. I was born to visit Vegas!
  • Disney World - I've got to share this with my kids. I know it's not an cost-effecient vacation, but Hey!
  • Niagara Falls - Again, I fell in love with the photography and video I've seen.
  • Grand Canyon - I want to see the BIG HOLE! lol
  • San Antonio Riverwalk - San Antonio had a wonderful destination marketing campaign in 2008, that has stuck with me.
  • Hawaii!! - I want to get my big butt into a little bikini and wear a lei. Yes, that will be me!
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey - Give me some BIG excitement. Bring it!

List of Things
  • Test drive random luxury cars – kinda like visiting the boat dealership in Hot Springs. That was fun!
  • Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing - I hate to camp outdoors, but here I am. . wanting to try it.
  • Sailing – We’ve seen a boat.. let’s hop on!
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Club Discovery – We have to go to a gay bar! C’Mon, Best Friend!
  • Listen to some Jazz
  • Baseball Game
  • Scary Movie – I hate them, but I’ll try it with you
  • Manicure/Pedicure/Massage
  • Garvan Woodland Gardens (near Hot Springs)
  • Casino - covered this one in my List of Places, but just in case you missed it.

  • Jump out of an airplane - with a parachute

  • FULL Marathon - The whole 26.2 miles

  • Learn to speak French

  • Learn to salsa dance

  • Write a book

  • Learn to play chess

  • Get my PhD or Law Degree

  • Port Arthur, TX – I want you see where I’m from. That’s actually really important to me.

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