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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I always feel like somebody's watching me

When I get all dressed up and arrive for an interview, I know that the employer who is sitting across from me knows some very intimate details about my life, including:

- I have 3 kids that I LOOOOOOVE
- I'm a certifiable news junkie. . especially when it comes to international news.
- My drink of choice is a glass of wine.
- I classify myself as a Christian, but I have a pretty "colorful" vocab nonetheless.
- I love my job at Heifer International. (Which is weird if I find myself at a job interview, right?)
- I often travel.
- I attract stalkers. One of which is a serious flower sender.
- I tend to listen to R&B music. Usually ole school.
- I'm intense. When I love you, I love you. When I hate you. . you're pretty much invisible.

Sometimes I get pisst off, and want to cuss out everyone on Facebook. [Yes, everyone. Even you.] But I know people are watching. . or will. Sometimes, I have a blast at the club and want to upload a video on YouTube to let everyone know what I wore, and what I did and who. . [Well, you get where I'm going with this one]. But I know people are watching. . or will. Sometimes, the people at work make me SO mad because they do something that throws me off my game, and I want to just pour a long string of expletives into a Tweet to let them know they can *#%@&! off. But I know people are watching. . or will.

Don't get me wrong. Noone is gonna follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or subscribe to me on YouTube, and think, "Wow! Anasthia deserves to be endowed with Sainthood." Ha! But wouldn't that be a trip if they did?? LOL

But you should know that I know that when you put it in the Digital Universe it's out there. You can decide that you don't feel that way 10 seconds after publishing it, and it's still out there. You can completely morph into another personality over the course of 5, 10, 15 years, and that crap is STILL out there. . waiting for someone to find. . and read. . and judge you for the way you felt in one single moment in time.. and were stupid enough to capture ONLINE.

If you don't believe it, check out this CNN article.

Yeah, I always got back up.

My point is that things are hard enough out there. The unemployment rate in the US is 8.1%. So, there are folks that are hitting the employment office, watching the paper, searching online to find that good, OK, crappy job you have. If you don't want it quit. But don't GIVE it away. . along with the check that comes with it by doing some stupid ish online. Don't forget, Somebody's watching you, too.


  1. Interesting read. I tell my teenage daughter ALL THE TIME to be careful of what she puts online and insist that everything posted has the opportunity to come back and haunt her when least expected. Does she listen? Who knows. Only time will tell.

    I didn't know you we're on Twitter. I can already tell that your tweets are entertaining. A pretty colorful vocabulary Christian. Lol.

  2. I actually posted this one after doing my usual self-Google. . in preparation of a job interview.

    Then, I Googled a couple of my family members. I didn't get results that helped my mind rest, and you know what bloggers do about those types of things.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Considering how much I love your blog, I take your compliment highly.