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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Claiming a Happy Ending for My Own Fairy Tale

My favorite part of the Cinderalla fairy tale was never Cinderalla -- with her spoiled self. It was not the handsome prince. He was a little too perfect for my taste. It was not the wicked step-mother.. Who treats their kids like that anyway? It was the BEAUTIFUL step sister, Anasthia.

The tale says that Anasthia was mean and made Cinderella do her work. But I happen to intimately know an Anasthia. Hey, I'll fess up. I AM an Anasthia.

I am beautiful. I am very caring and pleasant to be around. I am super hard-working. If anything I work in a Cinderalla fashion each day.

I'm claiming a happy ending to this story because one day I will meet my prince, fall in love, and ride into the sunset -- Or something like that -- and live happily ever after.


  1. I liked the spirit of this post. Claiming what is yours. I can definitely get with it. I saw your comment concerning The Outsiders on an older post of mines. Wasn't that just a good solid movie? Very touching at the end where Pony Boy read the letter from Johnny speaking on Dallas, after both men had died. Yet Johnny wrote it while he and Dallas were both alive, not knowing that Dallas would die.

    Good stuff.

  2. Soooooo, I read all the great comments about The Outsiders movie, got all hyped up to rent and watch the movie, went to the movie store and was distracted, and never got to see your flick.

    Your post was amazing, though. It at least got me to Blockbuster.

    Of course, my occasional bout of ADD became the barrier to me being able to join in on the conversation about this apparently awesome flick.