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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here's what I won't do

I was shocked yet thoroughly entertained by a friend of mine who told me that his sister got her fiance to agree (then adhere to when they got married) to change his last name to the last name of her child's father.. He agreed to that! Ha!

I spent some time thinking about the dynamics of a relationship and the personality of these two individuals that could lead to this sort of decision, and was thinking if I could ever be so self-serving, inconsiderate and downright bossy.

Don't get me wrong. . I'm not going to pretend that I don't often find myself in one of those 3 modes. Since the moment I became single, I have to admit that I've spent most of my time thinking of myself and my children (and pretty much noone else), focusing solely on what I can do that's right for us with little consideration for former friends or new wooers, and running thangs.. What can I say, I'm in charge. .

However, this whole approach to completely control my man to the point where he's no longer considered a man to his friends, family, me, my children, and apparently, everyone that hears this crazy story. . I just can't do. . Hell, I love men.. I REALLY love men.. Did I say I love men? Sorry, a little flurry came over my spirit just thinking about it.

I want to uplift, encourage, support, and one day maybe even submit to the man that belongs to me and only me. . And if that man is so weak as to let me run over him, well that's just not for me.. This craziness, as humorous as it may seem, is one thing I will not do.

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